Riparian Corridor Protection Initiative 

The Riparian Corridor Protection Initiative (RCPI) aims to protect and enhance riparian corridors within the nearly 50 watersheds that feed into Galveston Bay, including the San Jacinto and into the nearby Gulf of Mexico, including the Brazos River and parts of the Lower Trinity River by: (1)Improving water quality and other ecosystem services, (2)Enhancing habitat for birds migrating between the coast and inland areas, (3) Reducing flood risks and increasing ecological resiliency, (4) Protecting freshwater inflows to the bay and coastal estuaries, (5) Restoring native riparian grasslands or woodlands on one or both sides of the water bodies, and (6)Providing environmental recreation & education opportunities. 

The Riparian Corridor Protection Initiative (RCPI) brings together regional nonprofits, municipal and county agencies and pertinent state/federal agency staff to work on watershed connectivity that will address current and long-term water resource challenges to (1) reduce complex chemical and microbial pollutants, (2) increase green infrastructure, (3) improve management approaches, (4) provide sustainable stormwater strategies, and estimate the economic benefits of water quality improvements.  The RCPI contains every environment-based project in the 8-county region, in need of full or partial funding, that has a direct impact on a waterway in the 8-county RCP coverage area. The RCPI is the leading effort looking holistically at how the Gulf-Houston region's waterways affect Galveston Bay and the nearby coastal areas of the Gulf.

Bayou Greenways Initiative 

The Bayou Greenways Initiative is a collaborative trail and open space projects (riparian forests and wetlands) along entire 250+ mile stretch of 10 bayou arteries from Spring Creek south to Clear Creek. 

Lower Trinity River Project 

The Lower Trinity River (LTR) Project has five county partners and over 10 non-profit and agency partners with the goal of connecting ecotourism to riparian conservation by protecting riparian corridors along the Lower Trinity River in the five counties which encompass the LTR watershed leading towards Galveston Bay. To accomplish the LTRP goals this submitted collaborative Proposal includes acquisition, restoration and enhancement of riparian and wetland acreage adjacent the Lower Trinity River in two key locations: a) Polk/Trinity County Line Park Trail Development and Preserve along the shoreline of Lake Livingston in areas where the habitat has previously been eroded and b) Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) Expansion Project in Liberty County to preserve important riparian bottomland hardwood forest habitat.

Columbia Brazos Corridor Project 

Columbia Brazos Corridor Project partners are working to protect and enhance riparian habitat along the Brazos River and Columbia Bottomlands Corridor. 

Headwaters to Baywaters Initiative

A major collaborative project under the RCPI is the Headwaters to Baywaters Initiative: Connecting Bayous and the Bay in the San Jacinto River watershed. The Headwaters to Baywaters Initiative concentrates on the following projects:

  1. Creation of a comprehensive plan to identify riparian tracts that would be considered high quality ecological resources and have the potential to contribute to water quality improvements for watersheds leading into the San Jacinto River and Galveston Bay;

  2. Implementing riparian restoration, advancement and/or enhancement of land adjacent to targeted priority areas, including Buffalo Bayou and parts of the Katy Prairie at the headwaters of Cypress Creek;

  3. Acquiring land and/or conservation easements on targeted priority areas for riparian wildlife corridor protection along parts of Spring Creek, in the Katy Prairie at the headwaters of Cypress Creek, and along parts of the Lower San Jacinto River.

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Updated June 2019