[Current as of 2/17/2017 via www.RestoretheTexasCoast.org]

In consultation with the Office of the Governor a draft list of projects has been developed for the next phase of the evaluation to determine RESTORE Bucket 1 grant program recipients.

Please click here to view the draft list, including general information on each project.

The draft list was developed through a competitive process that began with a Request for Grant Applications (RFGA). Over 200 project applications requesting a combined total of $1.1 billion were received and reviewed to develop the draft list.

The next phase of the evaluation process will involve developing the draft Texas Multi-Year Implementation Plan (MIP), which will include the draft project list, as required under the RESTORE Act. The MIP with the draft project list will be posted for public comment in the Texas Register, as well as on the web site, http://www.restorethetexascoast.org/. During the 45-day comment period the public will have an opportunity to provide input and comments on the draft MIP as well as the draft project list. Comments received will be taken into consideration in the development of the final Texas MIP, including a final project list. The final MIP will be submitted to the U.S. Treasury for acceptance.


Approximately $66 million is currently available for Texas Bucket 1 RESTORE grants, which is a reimbursement program. A project’s inclusion on either the draft MIP or in the final MIP does not guarantee that it will receive a RESTORE Bucket 1 grant. Upon Treasury’s acceptance of the state’s MIP, including the project list, Commissioner Baker, in consultation with the Governor, will determine which projects will move forward to the federal grant application phase. Project funding becomes available only after the federal grant applications have been submitted and approved by Treasury. These applications cannot be submitted until after Treasury has accepted the state’s MIP.

PROCESS — The review and selection process is competitive and includes elements from other state and federal grant programs. The scoring criteria is based on the Priorities Document and is included in the RFGA. The initial list of selected projects will be posted for a 45-day public comment period and the final list of selected projects will be included in the Multi-year Implementation Plan required by U.S. Treasury to secure grant funds.

FEDERAL REQUIREMENTS – Applicants should be acquainted with the federal terms and conditions governing RESTORE Direct Component Grants.

FRAMEWORK — The Framework Document outlining the importance of the Texas coast and Texas’ implementation of the RESTORE Act, “CONSERVE, RESTORE, RENEW,” has been published.