Headwaters to Baywaters Initiative 

The Headwaters to Baywaters Initiative aims to protect riparian corridor within the nearly 50 watersheds that feed into Galveston Bay, including the San Jacinto and Lower Trinity rivers to: (1) improve water quality, (2) enhance habitat for birds migrating between the coast and inland areas, (3) reduce flooding, (4) protect freshwater inflows to the bay, and (5) restore native riparian grasslands or woodlands on one or both sides of the water bodies. This initiative will involve NGOs and municipal and county agencies. While the project will primarily focus on areas outside the City of Houston, so as not to overlap with the Bayou Greenways Initiative, later phases may include watersheds within the City of Houston where land acquisition is primary (rather than trails). Because this collaborative provides multiple benefits to riparian restoration and recreational use, later phases of the Headwaters to Baywaters Initiative may include the development of trails, education and outreach efforts, and other outdoor recreation opportunities. 

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