About Us

Facilitated by Houston Wilderness (www.HoustonWilderness.org), the Gulf-Houston Regional Conservation Plan (Gulf-Houston RCP) is a long-term collaborative of environmental, business and governmental entities working together to create a first-ever ecosystem continuity and connectivity plan for the Gulf-Houston Region. The organizations and coordinated groups involved in the Gulf-Houston RCP aim to (1) preserve and protect these best remaining habitats, (2) improve water quality and quality of life and (3) ensure economic health and vitality for future generations in the greater Houston Region and Galveston Bay watershed.  The three main groups involved in the implementation of the Gulf-Houston RCP are as follows:

  • RCP Planning Group - The planning group for the Gulf-Houston RCP is made up of all people and organizations interested in the Gulf-Houston RCP. This group meets annually to discuss updates implementation and communications on the RCP, new RCP Working List projects in the 8-county region, implementation of the RCP’s 3 key goals and new funding opportunities for collaborative grants between partners. If you would like to be included on the Planning Group email list, please sign up here.

  • RCP Steering Committee - The steering committee is an active group of individuals from environmental/business/governmental organizations in the Greater Houston Region who were integrally involved in creation of the RCP vision map, the working list of projects and the 3 key goals.

  • RCP Business Group - The business group is made up of business leaders from around the region, including the energy and utility industry, residential and commercial developers, architects, engineering community and other corporate groups. This group provides guidance and perspective on the economic aspects of the Gulf-Houston RCP.

  • Science Task Force - Made up of scientists and academic faculty, this group has provided guidance in creation of the baseline data for the 3 keys goals for protected/preserved land in the 8-county region, nature-based stabilization techniques and carbon sequestration in our soils through native trees and plants.

    Facilitated by Houston Wilderness